Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Freaking Out.

I was a little nervous about going to the doctor today since I had some issues over the weekend that we're kind of making me uneasy. However, I was glad I was at least seeing my favorite doctor (the same lady that delivered Jude). After I told her what was going on she decided she needed to do a more thorough exam. It turns out that I am already 2-3cm dilated & 80% effaced. She reassured me that people can be that and still last a couple weeks without going into labor, but that I needed to stay off my feet and take it easy just to be sure. This wasn't very comforting, especially after remembering how fast I progressed with Jude after I started going into labor. So now I'm sitting at home, mind racing, with every little pain or braxton hicks freaking me out & making me think that I'm going into labor. Doesn't this little girl know that she still has 5 weeks & 6 days to go?! There are still a million & 1 things that I want to do to get ready for the baby, but now I don't even have permission to go grocery shopping or even pick up Jude! I am so thankful though for Eb who has already been such a big help (not that he wasn't before :) ) and for Eb's mom who already offered to come over everyday and help watch Jude. I love having family close by to help out & who are so willing to give their time! I'm just hoping and praying I can make it a couple more weeks, I'm not ready to have this baby yet!

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