Monday, March 11, 2013

Lately I find myself checking facebook or instagram several times a day and thinking to myself, "why am I looking at this again?". These two things are so pointless (for me) and so incredibly distracting. I don't even  have the excuse that I need them to keep in touch with someone that lives far away. Everyone that I could ever want to talk to is just a phone call or short drive away. I decided that I am going to try and go an entire week without using facebook or instagram. Hopefully it will even go further than a week. My babies are only little for so long and they should be my only distraction.

Friday, January 18, 2013

   Sometimes I just need to complain and vent a little. This morning I hit my limit. I need a break so bad. After two weeks of sick kids I am going crazy. Luckily Jude is finally better, but Emery is another story. She hasn't had a fever, but has a yucky cough, runny nose, and is soo incredibly whiny. I'm thinking she might have an ear infection like Jude did in BOTH ears. Yuck. Thank goodness we are taking her to the pediatrician today. I looove our pediatrician. He is so nice and doesn't make you feel like a dumb parent like others do.  On top of Emery being sick she has started the phase where I can't walk 5 feet away from her or she freaks out! She wants to be held a lot and I always have to be in her sight. 
   I need a date night or a date WEEK. The last time E.B. and I went out for a date was 3 months ago for my birthday. We still haven't celebrated our anniversary that was in December because we took Jude out for his birthday instead. Hopefully I can convince E.B. to take me out and hopefully we can find the time! E.B. started school again this week which is great, but it just means more time that he is away. I am so glad he is sticking with his schooling. He is working so hard to get his classes done so he can finally apply for the nursing program. I really am so proud of him! Tomorrow he is heading up to Flagstaff for a day of snowboarding. I guess it's a nice break for him from work and school, but I wish so badly that I could go too! He isn't the only one who needs some time away. It will be a miracle if I make it through this weekend without losing my mind!
  Despite all the things that are bothering me, I am SO grateful for my two little babies and for E.B. I wouldn't trade this life of a mother and wife for anything!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just Some Baby Stuff.

   I say this all the time... but I NEED to be better at keeping up with this blog since it is basically my journal. I can't believe how big my little babies are getting! I swear Jude is learning new words everyday and Emery is now a little explorer crawling everywhere! Today she taught herself how to crawl up the step in our front room. So much for thinking that I could keep her trapped in that room. Babies have the sweetest cutest most precious little voices. Sometimes when we are talking Jude will whisper a phrase that we just said. I don't know why, but I LOVE that. He has such a cute little voice/whisper. A couple weeks ago when I was calling E.B. , Jude was sitting next to me and he started yelling "A.B." too. Since then it has evolved into E.B. and every once in awhile Jude will start calling him or yell "E.B., E.B., E.B." when he is trying to make E.B. pay attention. Jude likes to change names that he calls people. I started out as Mama and then became Dada. I even get the occasional E.B. I guess Jude just has two Dadas now. So, Jude has been using "Mimo" as grandma for a while now, but now mimo also means marshmellow. So when he says Mimo Mimo Mimo I never know if he wants grandma or a marshmellow. And of course when I say "Do you want a marshmellow", he is thinks  Oh yeah that's what I want even if he was actually asking for grandma. Such a silly boy. The cutest thing is how he says Thank You. Jude is really good at his "D" sounds, so thank you becomes Deen Doo.
   So, Emery has been saying dadada for awhile now and even says mama sometimes, but now she will just jabber on and on in baby jibberish! It is so precious...especially when she had her raspy sick voice. I can't believe my little baby is going to be 9 months this month! When Jude was 9 months, I was barely pregnant with her. It is nice having them close because they play together, and I am sure they will only play together more as they get older! However, I definitely won't have babies that close again! It's too rough on my body and I definitely don't want to risk having a baby even earlier than I had Emery. 
   If anyone read this, I'm sorry. These are just things I wanted to jot down so I don't forget them!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I feel like I have definitely been going overboard with buying things for Christmas. It's all of these dang deals and Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Everyday deals! Things need to stop being on sale!! I need to just focus on the true meaning of Christmas and stop worrying if I have enough presents for everyone. 

I saw this video on Facebook today and it definitely made me cry. Is that really lame of me? It was such a nice and beautiful reminder of what we need to focus on during this time of the year and ALL year!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


It's amazing what little kids pick up from observing and from listening to what you say. Jude has this ABC book that has tons of pictures for each letter. We go through this book almost everyday and I will tell Jude what things are when he points to them. A week or two ago  he opened his book and pointed to a hat and said "hat" and then to a duck and said "duck". I was so proud of him!! He can also identify and say "eye" and "golf ball" when I draw them. Last night Jude was playing and he was still in his jeans & shirt, so I asked him if he wanted me to take them off for me. I wasn't sure if he knew what I was saying, but them he walked right over to me and pointed to his shirt. He is getting so big! I can't believe how fast time goes.  We also taught Jude to tell us "agua" when he needs water. Water seemed like a harder word to say, so I just went with spanish haha. Sometimes he likes to be fancy and he'll tell us "ice" when he wants ice with his water. Such a silly boy. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I have finally finished Emery's nursery! She is still sleeping in our room, so it didn't matter that I took a little extra time to finish it up for her. I absolutely LOVE how it came together. 
Here it is!