Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just Some Baby Stuff.

   I say this all the time... but I NEED to be better at keeping up with this blog since it is basically my journal. I can't believe how big my little babies are getting! I swear Jude is learning new words everyday and Emery is now a little explorer crawling everywhere! Today she taught herself how to crawl up the step in our front room. So much for thinking that I could keep her trapped in that room. Babies have the sweetest cutest most precious little voices. Sometimes when we are talking Jude will whisper a phrase that we just said. I don't know why, but I LOVE that. He has such a cute little voice/whisper. A couple weeks ago when I was calling E.B. , Jude was sitting next to me and he started yelling "A.B." too. Since then it has evolved into E.B. and every once in awhile Jude will start calling him or yell "E.B., E.B., E.B." when he is trying to make E.B. pay attention. Jude likes to change names that he calls people. I started out as Mama and then became Dada. I even get the occasional E.B. I guess Jude just has two Dadas now. So, Jude has been using "Mimo" as grandma for a while now, but now mimo also means marshmellow. So when he says Mimo Mimo Mimo I never know if he wants grandma or a marshmellow. And of course when I say "Do you want a marshmellow", he is thinks  Oh yeah that's what I want even if he was actually asking for grandma. Such a silly boy. The cutest thing is how he says Thank You. Jude is really good at his "D" sounds, so thank you becomes Deen Doo.
   So, Emery has been saying dadada for awhile now and even says mama sometimes, but now she will just jabber on and on in baby jibberish! It is so precious...especially when she had her raspy sick voice. I can't believe my little baby is going to be 9 months this month! When Jude was 9 months, I was barely pregnant with her. It is nice having them close because they play together, and I am sure they will only play together more as they get older! However, I definitely won't have babies that close again! It's too rough on my body and I definitely don't want to risk having a baby even earlier than I had Emery. 
   If anyone read this, I'm sorry. These are just things I wanted to jot down so I don't forget them!

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