Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 2 - What I Wore

I wish I could say that I wore something suuuper cute, but that really doesn't happen to often now. Most days are spent playing with Jude/resting inside in a nice pair of sweat pants & t-shirt. At least I do my hair everyday so I look somewhat presentable! So here is my lovely outfit for Day 2 of the photo challenge...

Here's the breakdown:
Shirt - Hanes pack of 4 v-necks from Target... could be Eb's... I don't know.
Pants - Sweat pants from Costco, gifted to me from Mom O. 
Shoes - I got these babies (slipper moccasins)  for $5 at Target after Christmas sometime.
So stylish, I know.

And let's not forget about the "embellishments" that are added throughout the day!

It's a little hard to see, but I have some nice banana residue smeared on my pant leg. It's the hottest thing here in the Olmstead household.

And how could I forget about my little DIY tie-dye spot right at the tip of the V in my v-neck. I got this look by dropping ice cream on my shirt. So simple, so chic. 


  1. I love your breakdown of what you wore! Haha. So funny! :] I'll be wearing sweats and t-shirts so soon! I just have to get out of school and work so I don't need to look presentable!