Thursday, April 19, 2012

16 Months.

I've been keeping this same record (with a picture) every month since Jude was born & thought I'd start adding it to my blog! Sorry if it's long and boring...

Length: 32 inches

Weight: 29 lbs (BIG BOY!)

Physical Changes: Seems taller & seems to be getting some lost chubbiness back. Hair is super long! New tooth to the the right (his right) of his front teeth.

Eating & Sleeping Habits: Typically sleeps from 9pm - 8:30am. If he wakes up at night he is very good at putting himself back to sleep (as long as he can find a binky or his sippy with water). He also typically plays in his crib for a little bit after waking up and then yells for mommy or daddy to come get him out when he's ready.  Takes one 2-3hour nap during the day. Usually goes down at noon or 1pm. Eats breakfast shortly after waking up, lunch right before nap time, snack after nap time, and then dinner with us at night. Loves having oatmeal and bananas for breakfast! (Also loves stealing mommy's cereal). 

New Skills, Accomplishments, & Talents: Can shoot (and make) baskets in his basketball hoop! - Even though he can't even reach the rim! Can climb on all of the couches by himself & some of the kitchen chairs. Can pick up, mount, and ride his strider bike all on his own! Says words like "ball", "more" (mo), "bird" (biwd), "mom", "dada", "balloon" (boon), all gone (aa gone with his arms outstretched, shoulders up, and hands open). Understands commands and questions. Will shake his head "yes" to certain questions. Can identify his and other's nose, mouth, eye, hair (mostly just does nose, but will do the others if he's in the mood). Has become more stubborn like his daddy :). Points to the back of his diaper when he's poopy. Can feed himself with utensils (but makes a mess). Is more snuggly now and will give more hugs. Can identify his cousin Mae in a picture. Gets excited when we ask him do you want to go outside, do you want to go see grandma/pa/Bailey, do you want to see Mae/Justin (friend from ward). Understands so many words like basketball, naptime, food, birds, binky, sippy, blankeys.... the list could go on and on. Will spin around/clap/move shoulders around when we say Dance! He is able to stack blocks SUPER high! Will talk to you like he's telling you a story or something SUPER important or just having a conversation with you in his baby babble talk. Ignores you sometimes when you're talking to him (stares off in other direction), but then gets a silly smirk on his face because he knows he's being silly. 

New Places Visited & New Experiences: Tasted tabasco sauce when mommy and daddy weren't looking (stood there spitting for a good couple minutes and finally let us give him milk/cheese to get rid of the hotness), plays in our neighborhoods splashpad/playground for playgroup. Had fun getting sprayed with hose/taking a "shower" outside when mommy was watering the garden. Tried peanut butter and liked it. Had his first Easter where he was excited to find his basket and search for eggs. Has experienced not being able to be held by mommy whenever he wants due to "bed rest", but loves having his grandmas come over every day to play with him. Doesn't take milk at naptime/bedtime anymore. Can blow raspberries on daddy's belly.

Favorite Things & Activities: Loves watching Curious George, playing basketball, riding in his red car that we push him in, climbing on the couches and sitting like a big boy, standing on his skateboard, throwing balls around the house, putting on our shoes and walking around the house in them, motorcycles, pointing at things (especially when he hears sounds), pretending to use the remote controls, going outside, coloring with crayons (and pens), driving cars or motorcycles on the windowsill/back of the couch, bathtime, brushing his own teeth (or mommy's),  getting sprayed by the hose, chasing Bailey/throwing things at her, stacking blocks, pulling the chain to turn on/off his light, playing with his cousins/friend Justin, to eat whatever we're eating (mooches food from everyone), rubbing lotion on mommy's big pregnant belly/his legs/arms (will rub lotion on his shirt if he's wearing one instead of lifting it to put on his belly), wearing his own shoes, blowing raspberries on daddy's belly/back/arms, pretending to put mommy's hair product in his own hair, throwing everything outside of his crib when he wake up in the morning, drinking out of regular cups (especially if other people are doing it).


  1. wow. you are keeping track! haha I haven't done ANYTHING except write down a few things that I think are funny. Jude is so smart!! W&F still seem like babies to me. They aren't doing anything grown up like saying words (just noises) or telling me they're poopy. I WISH! haha Instead they take their diapers off and poop on the floor. That's how they tell me! hahaha

  2. I am usually HORRIBLE at keeping records of anything. I'm pretty surprised I've been able to do this for so long haha. It's crazy how fast they pick things up. From what I've read, W&F seem like little smarty pants too! By the time they're Jude's age, I'm sure they'll be doing everything he is (and probably more!). Haha that's so funny that they do that with their diapers...but I'm sure it's not funny for you! We love those little boys!