Monday, April 9, 2012


Lately I have been feeling really under the weather with almost constant braxton hicks contractions, uncomfortable pressure, and some other things I won't go into that aren't very pleasant. Anyways, Easter Sunday was no exception! I still tried my hardest to make it a special day for our family. Eb made us a nice breakfast of eggs & blueberry muffins and then Jude found/opened his basket. It was so cute to see him run across the room to his basket & dig right in. This was the first year that he cared about his Easter basket and was able to enjoy it. It was filled with some puffs, apple sauce squeeze pouches, coloring book, sidewalk chalk, chalk coloring mat, toothbrushes (since the other one has become a toy to him & is full of lint, yuck), and some peeps (mostly for Eb). I also stuck some empty plastic eggs in there because I know he loves those. He spent most of the morning throwing those eggs around the room with some pretty awesome sound effects. When it came time for church I wasn't feeling good at all so I was forced to stay home and take it easy. Jude decided to stay home with me & nap during that time. I was glad that at least Eb was able to go, but was a little disappointed that Jude wasn't able to wear his cute little vest that I had made him especially for Easter. Oh well, he can wear it next Sunday. Later we went to my parents for a little bit for dinner & an Easter egg hunt. Eb was kind enough to chase after Jude the whole time so I could continue to sit & take it easy. Unfortunately we weren't able to go to the Olmsteads since I was feeling so crappy. Overall, it was a relaxing day spent with family - my favorite kind of day!

{Jude's cute Easter morning outfit.... a single sock}

{Resting after throwing the plastic eggs around all morning}

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