Friday, June 1, 2012

Life With Two.

Having two kids has definitely been a learning experience & a test of my patience. Trying to juggle the needs of a 1 & (almost) 1/2 year old and a 1 month old can get pretty crazy. If i'm focused too much on Emery, Jude will take that opportunity to make sure I revert my focus back on him. He does this in many creative ways like screaming so high pitched that you'd think windows would shatter, climbing on top of the kitchen table, spilling his milk all over the floor, and kicking the pillow Emery is on while I'm nursing her. He can drive me a little crazy sometimes, but I do have to admit that he is getting better! And I can't blame the kid, he's only a year old and is used to being the center of attention. I feel like a horrible mom sometimes because it makes me sad when I can't give him all of the attention that he wants. Life is a whole lot more crazy now! On top of that,  Eb went back to school this week. He's now gone from 5 -7pm two nights of the week and then from 5-10pm another two nights. I'm sure i'll be able to manage with him gone this extra time, but it's going to require even more patience on my part. Even though I feel like i'm going to have a mental break down most days... I wouldn't change a thing ( I know, how corny). I LOVE being a mom & I LOVE having my two sweet little babies.

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