Monday, June 4, 2012

First Haircut.

Once Jude started looking like one of the little girls in our ward, we decided it was time for a haircut. Plus his mullet was getting a little out of control & it's probably a lot cooler for him now that it's getting so hot! We decided to use clippers since it would be harder (we thought) to scissor cut the whole thing. To try and distract Jude while we cut his hair we stuck him in his highchair with fruit snacks in front of the T.V. with Martha Speaks playing (one of his favorite shows). That was useless. As soon as we turned the clippers on and started cutting, the screaming started. Jude's arms were flying everywhere, he was screaming/crying, and he kept moving his head. We had to stop and let him calm down a couple times. It probably took close to 2 hours to cut his hair, it was a nightmare! Even though it took forever, I am SOO glad we finally cut his hair. He looks so handsome and not like a scraggly little hick girl anymore! 


{Jude's ponytail. We cut it off to put in his baby book.}

{Between hair cutting sessions}

{All done!!}

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