Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Busy Busy Busy.

So, this Sunday we will be blessing little Emery and I of course took on the challenge of MAKING her blessing dress. What in the world was I thinking?!?! I never liked any of the ones I saw for sale, so I thought to myself, "well, it shouldn't be THAT hard to make a dress for her"... Yeah right. It's not necessarily the sewing that's hard (yet), it's the fact that I have no time to make it.  Emery is the lightest sleeper known to mankind and when she does nap, it's for about 30 minutes and then she's up again! On top of that, E.B. is either at work, studying, sleeping, or at school... so the only breaks I get to work are when Emery is sleeping for 30 minutes (and Jude is asleep too) or if I have someone's help watching the kids. I'm grateful that I have already had help watching them, because I would have nothing done otherwise. Oh well, maybe she'll just have to go naked :) .

I feel like I've gotten into this daily routine, and it's making me go a little mad. I get up, feed the kids, pump, play with the kids, watch Martha Speaks, feed the kids some more, pump, play some more, put Jude down for a nap, feed Emery, pump, try to get something done, feed the on & so forth.
I need a little variety... I need a surprise or two (good ones). What I REALLY need is a vacation. Someday...

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  1. oh my goodness. I know what you mean about crazy routine! It becomes awful without some variation.
    I can't imagine Neal going back to school but he will soon enough and I'm not excited.
    If you need me to take over more of the baby shower I can!! If you really have no time just let me know!