Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day.

Starting traditions seems a lot more fun now that Eb & I have a little family of our own! This St. Patrick's day I wanted to do something for Jude, but not go all out since he's still too little to really understand what goes on with holidays. So, I decided to make a special green breakfast for the fam. I made waffles with green sprinkles with a side of a green vanilla sauce. You can find the recipe here! It was actually SUPER yummy and not overly sweet which you might expect. I can't wait to start more fun traditions with the family!

{Jude with his St. Patrick's Day waffles}

 {Yummy vanilla topping!}


  1. those look so good! I have a hard time doing stuff like this and starting traditions.

  2. These do look super delicious! Race and I will always have dirt pudding on St. Patrick's Day because it's his birthday and that's what he loves but we might have to throw something like this in for breakfast! So yummy! Good thing green is his favorite color!!