Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Nice To Get Out.

Since we are still not in our home, we are currently staying with Eb's parents. We have been staying here for about 2 months and I am so grateful for their generosity! It has been great having so many helpers when it comes to entertaining and watching Jude boy. However, sometimes I feel like I need a break from a full house. Last weekend I had one of those days when I just wanted some alone time with Eb & Jude. Restaurants can be crowded and loud so that didn't seem appealing either. Instead we picked up some Subway sandwiches, a frozen pie, and drinks and then headed over to the church. Eb's mom had given me this idea. She said that sometimes when her & Kent want some alone time they will get food and eat at the church. This was perfect! We set up a little picnic inside the Relief Society room and spent the evening eating, talking, and playing with our little Jude boy. It was really nice to have a night with just the three of us where we didn't have to wrestle Jude down at a restaurant and didn't have the noise of others. This is definitely a date idea that we will try again!


  1. So fun. :]
    I can't even imagine living back at my house with a baby. It would be crazy! Do you guys know about your house yet?