Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Sweet Little Troublemaker.

Jude has just recently started crawling, and lets just say that life has gotten a lot more interesting. The once simple task of changing a diaper has now become a wrestling match. As soon as the diaper is off Jude makes a mad dash in the nude. It is actually really cute to see his little naked bum as he crawls away. He’s pretty happy about it too until he gets pinned to the floor and a new diaper is slapped on. Jude has also recently decided that he wants to start climbing up the stairs. He does pretty well with them and has even made it up a whole 3 steps. The only problem is that he likes to sit on the very edge of the step so someone needs to be there before he topples backwards down the stairs. He has yet to master crawling down the stairs. Instead he’ll just sit, turn around, and try to slide face first down the steps. He definitely keeps us entertained and on our toes at all times. I love my little Jude boy.

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