Wednesday, February 29, 2012

T-Minus Twelve-ish Weeks!

With less than 12 weeks left (give or take...since Jude was 2 weeks early), I've been kind of stressing about getting things ready for the baby! I feel like I have a million & 1 projects to do, and absolutely no time to do them. We finally were able to divide our super long room into 2. One side for the nursery & the other side for the kids play room/my craft area. I am sooo pleased with how it turned out! It is all thanks to my handy dad. I've been so excited to get a nursery put together for this baby since we weren't able to do that for Jude. Poor Jude had no choice but to share a room with us until he was almost a year - we just never had an extra room wherever we were living!

{Fabric for the baby quilt... can't wait to see this all done!}

{Felt flowers, yarn flowers, & bows for nursery garland}

{This is the bead board wall that we put up to divide the room & the cute light I got at an antique store for the nursery!}

We've also been busy with what seems like the never ending project of fixing up the house/decorating it! Our latest project was painting the built in bookcases next to the fireplace. This project took SO long to complete. We had to prime the whole thing and it still needed a couple layers of paint after that. It seriously probably took a month to do just because we're so busy and we tried to do it while Jude was napping.

{Finished bookcases! Not done decorating them though.}

I just hope I can do everything I need to before this baby arrives!!!!


  1. you will have the cutest nursery! is it carnival theme or just vintage? or are you doing the birdhouse thing?

  2. Thanks! I'm so excited to get things put together. I'm just doing a vintage theme. The fabric the the tickets has pictures of kids playing and doing random things.

  3. Jackie! I can't wait to see your adorable nursery and your adorable little girl! :] I also can't believe how fast time has gone! Only twelve weeks?! So so exciting!!

    1. I can't wait to see your cute little baby either!! I love that they are going to be so close in age. Time is seriously flying by... I'm getting nervous!