Friday, January 27, 2012

A Few of Jude's Favorites.

Isn't it amazing how babies find joy in the simplest of things? I think this is one of the greatest lessons that Jude is teaching me right now. There are so many high-tech or expensive toys that you can buy your kids, but I feel like no one really needs that kind of stuff. Some of Jude's favorite things have been as simple as a tootsie roll wrapper. Seriously, a balled-wrapper. He loved it. He carried it around for DAYS clenched tight in his little fist. One morning he woke up, saw it on the floor, & "ooo-ed" until I picked it up and gave it to him.
It's fascinating to watch Jude play. He is such a smart little boy and is learning & growing so much. One of his favorite things to do is now is dump out all of the nerf gun bullets, fill up one bucket with them, and then move them to another one. He will sit on there for the longest time and switch the foam bullets from one bucket to the next, it's the cutest thing!
Then there are the pom-poms. You know, those little fuzzy craft balls that you would glue to paper when you were in kindergarten. Jude adores those. My sister gave him a game where you stick those into a small hole cut out of a little tupperware. He cannot get enough of that game! He push them all into the little hole, and then dump them out & start over. After he's had enough of that, he'll gather as many as he can hold in each hand and carry the little balls around the house. He'll even insist on holding them while he eats.
We really don't need a lot to be happy!

I know this is a lot of rambling! I just don't want to forget these cute things he does. :)

{Some of Jude's favorite things to carry around the house. He doesn't eat them, just holds them!}

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