Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jude's First Halloween!

I had such a fun time planning Jude's costume as well as mine & Eb's. We decided to go as Peter Pan, Wendy, & Captain Hook (or just a pirate, I guess). I have always LOVED Peter Pan so I thought this would be perfect. I also wanted to see Jude's chunky legs in some cute green tights. I was brave and made the Peter Pan costume all by myself! I was actually really surprised with how well it turned out and that I didn't have to start over a million times. I used a costume that my sister sewed when she was Wendy a couple years back. She did an awesome job on it! 

On Saturday we went to my parent's Trunk-or-Treat. Even though Jude doesn't eat candy, we still took him around! It was really fun and he loved being outside. We also loved seeing all of his cousins dressed up. They all looked so cute! 
On Monday Eb & I decided that we would stick around our new house and pass out candy to any kids that stopped by. To our surprise, we got some trick-or-treaters! Jude loved rushing over to the door every time it rang and looking at all of the kids dressed in their costumes. We dressed him up again even though we weren't going to take him around the neighborhood. I couldn't resist not seeing him in his costume at lease one more time! It was a good night of us relaxing and playing with Jude. All in all, a successful Halloween!

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  1. If I have a little boy someday I might have to borrow that outfit! It's so stinkin' cute! I loved your guys' costumes! :]